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  • 16/12/11
    White Hills Botanic Gardens,Chinese Brick Walls,White Hills Cemetery,Bendigo Chinese Temple,Former Supreme Court,Bendigo Town Hall,Bendigo Pottery,Former Kahland Winery & Cellars,Central Deborah Gold Mine,Beaurepaire Motor Garage,Hm Prison Bendigo,Specimen Cottage
  • 30/11/11
    Hosies Hotel Mural,Keith Haring Mural,History Of Transport Mural,Beaurepaire Centre,Newspaper House Mosaic,Cafe Florentino,Tolarno Hotel
  • 14/12/11
    Berth No. 5 North Wharf,Victoria Dock,Missions To Seamen,Queens Warehouse,No.2 Goods Shed,Retaining Wall,Former Victorian Railway Headquarters,Former Victorian Railway Headquarters
  • 30/11/11
    Tram Shelter,Electric Tram No.13,Former Northcote Cable Tramways Site,Preston Tramway Workshops,Tram Shelter,Tram Shelter,Former Cable Tram Engine House And Cable Tram Track Formation,Tram Depot,Former Cable Tram Engine House,Former Cable Tram Engine House,Tram Verandah Shelter,Tram Verandah Shelter,Tram Verandah Shelter