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Inappropriate development of Melbourne Observatory site.


At a recent visit to Melbourne Observatory (MO) I was shocked to see much inappropriate development; including a cafe, the demolition of the historic Zeus House and standard chain base despite Heritage Victoria listing, and much more. This has taken place since the Royal Botanical Gardens took over 15 - 20 yrs ago. Now the RBG have asked for public comment on their next 20yr plan which makes little or no reference to Melbourne Observatory; so it seems RBG have no real interest in preserving MO.

Save Melbourne Observatory

Tim Edwards 08/03/17

The RBG are planning to develop the Melbourne Observatory site, with no consideration for the other sciences that the site was used for - astronomical research, meteorological statistics, time keeping. The Zeiss House which was significant for its associations with Sir John Monash was demolished by the RBG. How much more will they demolish for their botanical gardens, remembering they have a site out at Cranbourne as well.

Great Melbourne Telescope


The Great Melbourne Telescope is being refurbished and I hope it will be returned to Melbourne Observatory, so the public can view this magnificent telescope with all the history that surrounds it. Sydney Observatory is a perfect example of a way to save and preserve our astronomical history, equipment and buildings. I hope the RBG realise that the site is not all about botanical items!

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